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Parking In Cambridge:

Parking in Cambridge has always been difficult, but it has become even more so in the last couple years with so many parking spaces being used by restaurants for outdoor dining, and with the new bicycle lane additions.  

Therefore, if at all possible we strongly urge traveling to our shop by Foot, Bike, or Public Transit.

Location & Hours

2257 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

OPEN:  Wed - Sun 11:00 - 6:00

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By Foot or Bike:

By far the best ways to get anywhere if it's a possibility for you.

Via Public Transit:

We are a 7 minute walk from the Davis Square T Station, and a 12 minute walk from the Porter Square station.  The 77 Bus Line stops right in front of our shop.    

Parking Via Car:

PARKING IS TRICKY!  There are very few meters along Mass. Ave. and only a few meters or other public spaces along the side streets.  There are metered lots in Davis Square.

Please do not park in the 7-11 lot next to our building.  Those spaces are owned by 7-11 and there is a risk you could be towed.

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