Online Ordering

A selection of our products are available for order online from Square Marketplace.

We ship our products nationwide, with a turn around time generally of 5 to 7 days. We do not ship during the warm months (May through September).

Overview of Products

We have the traditional favorites such as nut clusters, peanut butter cups, and covered pretzels, as well as an extensive line of filled truffles.

Sampling of Flavors:

- Hazelnut Crunch Bars

- Pistachio Squares

- Honey Bourbon Truffle

- Tea infused Chocolates

- Smokey Scotch

- Passionfruit Cream

- Sea Salt Caramels

- Milk & Honey Lavender

- Cherry Cordials


Made with various blends of sugars, dairy, and all natural flavorings. Not too soft, not too hard, they present a creamy sweetness that is enhanced by a dash of salt over the top.


- Salted Vanilla

- Salted Maple

- Salted Chocolate

- Seasonal Flavor depending on time of year

Combining the rich creamy flavor of Caramel with a marshmallow swirl, these delicious candies are specialty. 

Where does that fancy swirl come from? We take a layer of caramel, and top it with a layer of marshmallow fluff nougat. After cooling, the slab is rolled up tightly like a jelly roll, pulled and stretched into a long rope much like old-fashioned taffy, then sliced and wrapped.


- Vanilla Swirl

- Maple Swirl

- Orange Dream Swirl

These gems come in packs of assorted flavors, that vary somewhat with the season.

They are made from real fruit with no artificial colors or flavors, and contain five simple ingredients - sugar, fruit purees, pectin, lemon juice, and a bit of ascorbic acid to prevent oxidization.

They contain NO GELATIN!

Incredibly sweet, incredibly crunchy, and packed with your choice of nuts. My brittles bring back a bit of the 19th-century and are by far the most old-fashioned item you will find here. These brittles are a truly American treat!


- Peanut

- Almond

- Cashew

- Maple Pecan (Premium Flavor)