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Custom Favors

Weddings /  Birthdays / Baby Showers / Parties


Treat your guests to their own little box of handmade candies! 

For orders of 25 boxes or more you may provide a graphic and/or short message to be printed on the label at no extra charge.  A $7.50 fee for adding a message and/or graphic will be added to smaller orders.

Follow the steps below to work out the details of your favor order, or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you out.  Just ask for Jeremy.  Feel free to schedule a visit to the shop to do some sampling and talk through the options as well.  

Discount Pricing:  (applies to custom favors only - not regular online or in store purchases).  Every box in the order must be the same to qualify for the discount.

10% off orders of $200.00

Steps for Designing Your Favors:

Image Soon.JPG

STEP 1:  Choose your packaging

- 2X2 Inch White Box (holds 1-4 pieces)        No extra charge!

- 1 Pc. Clear Plastic Box                            $.25 Each.

- 2 Pc. Clear Plastic Box                            $.45 Each.

- Inquire about larger selections

STEP 2:  Labels

If desired, we can print a custom message and/or graphic on the label.  When ordering send us the graphic and we'll send you a proof before printing.  The graphic should be in .png, .jpg, or .pdf format.

STEP 3:  Twine

Choose your twine color.  We have Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, and Brown.  You are welcome to provide your own twine or ribbon and we'll tie it for you.

STEP 4:  Candies!

Candies are a la carte.  Choose your selection from the list below (note that some flavors may be seasonal or unavailable on short notice).


CHOCOLATE BON BONS (choose flavor & shell)

Shells:  D = Dark, M = Milk, W = White

$1.95 Each Per Box:

Vermont Maple - D/M/W

Caramel Cream - D/M/W

Hazelnut Crisp - D/M/W

Peanut Butter Silk - D/M/W

Coconut Square - D/M

Sea Salt Caramel - D/M

Pistachio Bar - D/M

Espresso - D/M

Peppermint Square - D

Passionfruit - D

Raspberry - D

Blackberry - W

Lemon Cream - D

Milk & Honey - D

Ginger Saffron - D

Spiced Pumpkin - D (seasonal)

$2.25 Each Per Box:

Cherry Cordial - D/M/W

Caramel Apple Pie - D/M

Early Grey - M

Jasmine Rose - W

Smokey Scotch - D  (made with Laphroaig 10 scotch)

Honey Bourbon - D (made with Woodford Reserve bourbon)

Pear Cognac - D (made with Courvoisier & Belle de Brillet cognac)

Irish Whiskey - D (made with Teeling Irish whiskey)


STEP 5:  Calculate cost!

Feel free to send us your order and we'll calculate the cost for you.

A.  Take the cost of 1 box (if applicable) & add the cost for each piece of candy you chose.

          IE:  2 Pc. Clear Box = $.45 + 1 - $1.95 and 1 - $2.25                  chocolate = a total of  $4.65 per box. 

B.  Multiply by the number of favors desired.

          IE:  $4.65 X 50 boxes = $232.50

C.  Calculate discount if applicable 

          IE:  10% discount = $23.25 off.

D  Subtract the discount from the total cost of "B"

          IE:  $232.50 - $23.50 = $209.50



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