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Kitchens of Africa was Founded by Jainaba Jeng of The Gambia in Africa.  The delicious sauces bring a flavorful taste of Africa right to your home kitchen.    


Yassa captures the tropical flavors of Africa with big, bright citrus notes. It is the perfect example of how simple fresh ingredients always make the best dishes. Kitchens of Africa starts by stir-frying fresh ginger and garlic to release their bold flavors; then gently caramelized onions for sweetness are added, followed by fresh citrus juice for brightness and balance, and finally smoky paprika and other warm spices to create an exotic essence. It is then simmered, slowly, in an imported Dijon mustard sauce, for a rich and complex depth of flavors.


To whip up a quick meal on busy weekdays, simmer covered with chicken, meat, seafood, tofu and/or vegetables. For a robust and satisfying vegan meal, our Slow-Simmered Kale with Caramelized Onions and Black-Eyed Peas is always a crowd pleaser.


12 Oz. Jar.

Product of North Carolina


Yassa Traditional Onion Simmer Sauce

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