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Think peanut butter, but a whole new class.  Made from a variety of nuts and packed with flavor.  Choose from the following flavors:


Maple Bliss:

A premium blend of pecans, walnuts, and cashews, sweetened with a hint of Vermont maple sugar.  Pair it with goat cheese, apples, or a glass of cabernet sauvignon. 


Maple Creemee:

If there's one thing that's a pure expression of Vermont, it's a maple creemee. Starting with a dairy and maple base, the ingredients are slowly churned resulting in a smooth, caramel-like frozen dessert, to be enjoyed on a classic wafer cone.


Predominantly made from cashews, Maple Creemee uses late-season maple sugar and a hint of pecan and vanilla bean to add complexity and balance. The nutty creaminess of this nut butter replicates both the flavors of the classic Vermont maple creemee, and wafer cone it is traditionally served on.


Enjoy straight off the spoon, or have it with seedy toast, or with a glass of dry cider. 


Mud Season:

A premium blend of almonds, cashews, cacao nibs, Late-Season VT maple sugar, VT-roasted coffee, vanilla bean, and sea salt.  Pair it with bananas, s'mores, or a glass of riesling. 


7.5 Oz. Jar.

Product of Vermont.


Mixed Up Nut Butters

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