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Whole leaf tea imported by our neighbors at MEM Tea Imports in Watertown, MA. These are the teas we use to create our tea infused chocolates.


Chai Cascarilla

A sweeter, creamier version of a classic Indian chai, this blend of roasted cacao bean husks and an exotic mix of carefully sourced spices creates an infusion with an extremely pleasing texture with ripe sugarplum and cherry overtones.


Earl Grey Organic

This premium quality, organically grown and processed Indian tea infused with essential bergamot oil is a classic western style Earl Grey that has an infusion that is sweet and round with citrus notes that coat the palate.


Jasmine Pearls

A super premium green tea which is arduously scented with blossoming jasmine flowers over the course of several nights then hand rolled into pearls, yielding a superb green tea with an undeniable jasmine flavor that is sweet and floral, with notes of honey.

MEM Loose Leaf Tea Boxes

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