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Kitchens of Africa was Founded by Jainaba Jeng of The Gambia in Africa.  The delicious sauces bring a flavorful taste of Africa right to your home kitchen.    


The slightly sweet, spicy and tangy flavors of this sauce balance the rich and nutty peanut flavor. Kitchens of Africa uses a generous amount of fresh ginger and garlic for extra boldness, fiery habaneros for a little heat, fresh lime juice for some tang, and a little sugar for a touch of sweetness. They then simmer, gently, in a rich peanut and tomato base, ideal for creating many unexpected and tasty flavors.


If you are new to African cuisine, this sauce is a perfect introduction. Simmer covered with spinach, black-eyed peas and okra for a vegan replica of a dish from The Gambia called Domoda Bissap. Add a dollop of Kaani sauce and savor it just like a local.


12 Oz. Jar.

Product of North Carolina


Maffe Peanut Simmer Sauce

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