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Amarena Cherries:

These luscious and intensely flavorful amarena cherries from the province of Emilia-Romagna are one of the most sought after all over Europe. The Fabbri family has been producing these luxurious wild cherries in syrup since 1905 from the guarded original recipe of founder Gennaro Fabbri. The local cherries which are a dark red variety with a sweet and slightly bitter flavor are preserved in a rich syrup made from the juice of the same fruit. Try using these special amarena cherries in place of any dish that requires ordinary candied cherries. You will find no end to using them. Use them for toppings, over pancakes, ice cream, dessert, champagne and even a glass of seltzer.


Spindler's uses these in our Cherry Cordials!


Wild Strawberries in Syrup:

This little jar features a phenomela sweet strawberry flavor.  Excellent for a topping to a decadent dessert such as yogurt, cheesecake, or in cocktails such as Manhattans, old-fashioneds, or sours.  


Don't waste the leftover syrup!  Works wonderfully as a mixer in cocktails, or drizzled over ice cream.  


Candied Ginger in Syrup:

Sweet with a midly spicy ginger flavor.  Crafted with Southeast Asian ginger.  Like the cherries & strawberries, this candied ginger is a powerhouse over desserts or in cocktails.  It's quite tasty right out of the jar too!


8 Oz. Jar

Imported from Europe



Candied Cherries, Strawberries, & Ginger

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