Decorate your table and share your love of chocolate with our Thanksgiving Table Favor Pack!  


Each person will receive the following:

1 - 2.8 Oz. Solid Chocolate Turkey (Dark, Milk, or White)

1 - 10 Pc. Bag of Fall Leaves & Acorns (Dark or Milk - Solid Chocolate)

1 - Caramel Apple Pie & Spiced Pumpkin Bon Bon



NOTE:  Please specify your preference for Dark, Milk, or White Turkeys & Dark or Milk Leaves in the "Add a Note" box below.   If nothing is specified we will include an assortment of Dark & Milk.


For example, for a party of eight you could note the following:

3 Dark, 3 Milk, and 2 White Turkeys

3 Dark and 5 Milk leaves. 





Thanksgiving Table Favors Bundle!