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Olive Oils from Chatam's delightful Gustare on Cape Cod.  Owners Catherine & Dave started their business with the dream of bringing the highest quality artisanal oils & vinegars to the local community & the New England region.  


Blood Orange:

Fresh blood oranges crushed with early harvest olives. 

- Tasting Notes:  Complementary when baking with chocolate, or for use in marinades and dressing salads, fruit, and fish. 


Italian Lemon:

Fresh lemons crushed with early harvest olives.

- Tasting Notes:  Sublte flavor ideal for fish and shellfish or vinaigrettes for summer salads.


Herbs de Provence:

Classic blend of savory, fennel, lavender, basil, and thyme.

- Tasting Notes:  Works well on grilled meat and fish, drizzled over garden-fresh tomatoes or used to make aioli.



375 ML Bottle

Olive Oil from Gustare

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