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Bean to Bar Chocolate made in the seaside town of North Truro on Cape Cod.  


Provincetown Pure Dark:  A nice and simple classic 69% dark chocolate bar with notes of apricot, banana, caramel, fig, and raisin.


Wellfleet Sea Salt:  Delicate sea salt crystals adorn this rich dark chocolate.  Perfectly simple & well balanced.


Mass Bay Milk:  Dominica Republic cacao, combined with Humboldt Creamery milk, resulting in a decadent & rich milk chocolate.


White Lemon Thyme Bar:  Rich white chocolate with a burst of lemony citrus and herbal thyme undertones.  


Sconset Brown Butter Sage:  International Chocolate Award Winner!  52% milk chocolate blend infused with browned butter & sage.  A delightful mix of sweet & savory.


Nantucket Nib Crunch:  Silky Dominican dark chocolate with cruncy roasted cacao nibs.  


Ghost Pepper Chili & Salt:  Creamy, rich chocolate, chili, and bright sea salt.  Just the right amounf of spice.

Chequessett Chocolate Bars

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