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Olive Oils from Chatam's delightful Gustare on Cape Cod.  Owners Catherine & Dave started their business with the dream of bringing the highest quality artisanal oils & vinegars to the local community & the New England region.  


Italian Fig:

The rich flavor of ripe figs blends with dark balsamic vinegar for an earthy, fruity balsamic that is as delicious as it is versatile. 


Italian Strawberry:

Infusion of sweet, vine-fresh flavor.  Drizzle on fruit salads or grilled fruit, or as a vinagrette.


Cape Cod Cranberry-Pear:

Crisp, sweet and reminiscent of New England.  Bake into apple crisp, use in a vinaigrette, over goat cheese, or drizzle over an autumn fruit salad.  


375 ML Bottle.

Product of Modena, Italy




Balsamic Vinegar from Gustare

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